Own your
workout program

Organize your workout routines whatever they are. HIIT, TABATA, kettlebells, weight lifting, everything will fit in yaw plan.

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Bring your own exercises

This app does not explain what and how you should lift. You already know that stuff, right?

You can name sets and specify weight, number of repetitions, and time.

Sets with time have a timer, and sets without have a clock.

Don't forget to set the duration of the breaks between sets.

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Set your own schedule

Select the weekdays or conditions when you want to perform the exercise.

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Plan your week

Schedule exercises for the whole week

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Check what you'll do today

You can edit your plan, reorder, add or remove exercises.

And when you are ready, start the workout.

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Some exercises need only timer

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Others need weight and repetitions

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And don't forget to rest between sets